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Here's what a few of our customers are saying...

Personal Trainer 2-Way System
“It’s a great way for trainers to interact with their clients and allow them to come back to you with an answer. A brilliant piece of kit and I can’t recommend it enough."
Andrew Gould, International dressage rider and trainer
“The Personal Trainer enables me to have a much better relationship with my pupil when on the horse. This is one bit of kit I won’t leave home without.”
Corinne Bracken - BSJ Junior and Young Rider Chef d'Equipe 
“The New Personal Trainer 2-Way is very beneficial for teaching, especially with  children. It creates a relaxed environment for my classes and I highly recommend it to other trainers and riders.”
Duncan Inglis - Accredited showjumping coach and trainer
“I’ve used the Personal Trainer and think it’s a great asset to any rider to have full two-way contact with their trainer at all times. A real benefit!”
Laura Renwick-International Showjumper
"A most useful piece of equipment which enables good personal communication between rider and trainer. I am looking forward to using it for training advice for warming up at the forthcoming events."
Gill Watson - Former trainer Junior and Young Rider, 3 day event teams

Personal Trainer 1-Way System
"I've been using the Personal Trainer System from Soundriding for my training clinics and it really does make a difference to the level of communication between trainer and rider. The System allows the rider to remain relaxed during the lesson, hearing clearly and precisely detailed instruction, wherever they are in the arena. I would certainly recommend the Personal Trainer as an invaluable training aid."
Conrad Schumacher (International Dressage Trainer)
“To be able to talk in a normal voice and be heard by only your pupils is a great relief to everybody.  The Personal Trainer is simple to use, comfortable, has a fantastic battery life and the sound quality is excellent.  Standing back away from the arena gives you more of a judge's eye view of your pupil and to be able to train from that perspective really adds a new dimension to improving performance.”
Lucinda Fredericks, winner of Burghley and Badminton CCI**** three-day-events and leading trainer including to Dutch 3-D-E team, European Championships 2007. 
"The Personal Trainer is great for teaching. Both John and I have used this system a lot, and I'd certainly recommend it to other trainers."
Charlotte Lassetter (International Dressage Trainer)
"I had to let you know that I had my first lesson with the Personal Trainer - WOW, fantastic! Have to say that I have never been able to get so much out of my horse in a lesson before. The instant adjustments that I was able to make made a huge difference! I'm confident that it will also make warming up with other riders at shows much safer for me too. Very impressed. I have no hesitation in recomending the system to anyone."
Kerry Keightley
“Absolutely fabulous. The system went through the washing machine and tumble drier by accident and it still worked afterwards! I love it!”
Helen Futcher Law

“I use it a lot for dressage and jumping. and you can be in the rider’s ear every inch of the way. Brilliant!”
Terry Lihou
“I think it’s brilliant. I use it every time I ride. You can hear the faintest sounds, even though I’m partially deaf in one ear. I wouldn’t be without it!”
Paula Clarke
"This is not just saving my vocal cords, it's also a training tool that enters your pupils mind without the tension that a strained vocal pitch can bring. A whole new experience to enter your pupil's mind and create harmony without stress."
Alison Short 

"The Personal Trainer has been a great help for my throat and is particularly useful when it is windy outside or raining when teaching in an indoor school."
Pam Millar

"As an instructor the Personal Trainer is invaluable for delivering tuition to my pupils.  Without shouting, the atmosphere is quieter and the rider is able to concentrate on my every word.  The improvement throughout a training session is therefore increased leading to a more satisfied pupil and situation - I wouldn't be without it now!"
Anna Bruce

"I find it absolutely brilliant. I use it all the time and it stops me feeling so tired especially when teaching up to 8 lessons a day. A fantastic, valuable tool.”
Nereide Goodman

“I have been a devoted fan of the Personal Trainer System since buying it. Both the clients and myself find that the input is more personal and detailed, as I’m not having to yell against the elements. Some have commented it’s like having me on the horse with them!”
Pippa Haywood
"Wow-what a difference it makes being able to hear the lesson!! I was I'd invested in one years ago. I'm hard of hearing and it makes life so much easier. It's amazing."
Tor Brewer
"Personal trainer is especially excellent in show warm up-rings, as there are always several coaches speaking at the same time. I have been teaching and trainig for nearly 30 years, and nowadays it's quite impossible to imagine life without this kind of equipment."
Tiina Tarkkala

Horse Trainer P.A 
“The success of any clinic or demonstration inevitably comes down to the quality of the PA system.  The Horse Trainer is very simple, very compact and the quality is unbelievable.  It's fantastic."
Clayton Fredericks, World Number 1 FEI 3-D-E rider rankings 2007, Individual Silver Medallist World Equestrian Games.


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